Astoria Bank Promotional Calendars

The 2015 calendar focused on New York City landmarks, and 2016’s calendar depicted classic, traditional foods that represent New York City’s rich cultural tapestry.

Scholastic Event Banners

Upright banners promoting two of Scholastic's reading initiatives for an education conference.

Agency Promotion

A summer promotion item containing a DIY s’mores kit, accompanied by an instruction card and a fun, interactive songbook.

Rosenbach Museum Poster

Winning entry for the Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia announcing a new exhibition on Abraham Lincoln, aptly titled, "21st Century Abe."

Astoria Bank Credit Cards

A family of credit cards aligned with the company's brand identity.

Tradeweb SEF Brochure (Swaps Execution Facilities)

Brochure outlining electronic trade compliance and regulations.

Citi Commercial Cards Marketing Collateral

Development of B2B marketing assets for Citi's corporate clients. The toolkit contains a collection of customizable marketing materials such as posters and inserts.

CD Packaging

Design of Monday Michiru's Alter Ego remix CD.

Citi Innovation Labs Brochure

A communication telling the story of Citi's global education and collaboration program, where new ideas and technologies emerge across several sectors—not just financial.

Scholastic Core Clicks Brochure

Marketing material detailing Scholastic's virtual reading program for students K–5.

Agency Holiday Card

A holiday card based on the classic Madlibs game (with a twist), where users fill in the blanks in classic holiday songs. Hilarity always ensues.

Scholastic Continuum of Engagement Brochure

An overview piece focusing on three of Scholastic's interactive reading and writing programs for grades 6–12.

Citi Commercial Card Conference Guide

A comprehensive gude to Citi's annual commercial card event.

LPL Financial/Astoria Bank Postcards

A direct mail campaign communicating the launch of the bank's financial consulting services.